An ECO-museum

The museum’s aim is to provide an interpretation of life of the Greenough Flats from Aboriginal times to today. This is much more than your traditional house museum. Prepare to be surprised. The Greenough Museum & Gardens is continually evolving to meet the needs of visitors and the local community. We invite you to become part of the change.




  • 漫步穿梭于常年葱郁的伊丽莎白花园
  • 拥抱澳大利亚最古老的横生桉树
  • 在卧房中穿上有年代感的服饰拍一张#自拍
  • 惊叹于宽敞厨房里保存下来的展现家庭生活的古董
  • 在双炕上安坐和沉思

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